The Infusion Project

A Conscious approach to collaboration, creativity and being your own boss, The Infusion Project blazes new trails in the world of being a functioning, growing and successful artist today. The Infusion Project works like an artist collective with a twist. We put emphasis on being true to yourself and making a living doing it. The Infusion Project supports artists(creative beings) through the everyday challenges of being a business owner and creator. Whether an artist needs resources, coaching, management, creative development and/or collaboration support, The Infusion Project supports you through each step in your creative career.

The growing team of The Infusion Project brings together a wide array of experience in Live Art, Painting, Music, DJ Culture, Marketing, Sales, Sculpture, Team Building, Project Management, Event Booking, Graphic Design, Web Design, Event Coordination, Product Development, Consulting, Business Development, Personal Growth & Development, Green Living, Spatial & Environmental Design, Installation Art, Interactive Art,

The Infusion Project’s client list is extensive across many industries

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Trumer Pils
Passion House Coffee
A Reason To Survive
Spirit Printing
W Hotel
Natural Awakenings Magazine
Suzie’s Farm
Sasquatch Glass
High Times Magazine
Tom’s Shoes
KC Management
Black Diamond Boutique
Bottlehood (glass recycling)
TK Productions
Seedless Clothing
Whiskey Pickle Records
Just Be Records
Electronic Music Alliance (EMA)

F8(Icon Lounge) (SF)
Medusa Lounge (LA)
1015 Folsom (SF)
Dim Mak Studios (LA)
Hard Rock Hotel & Nightclub
Terra Gallery (SF)
Palladium (LA)
Stingaree Nightclub (SD)
Monarch (SF)
Mesa Lounge (OC)
Bassmnt Nightclub (SD)
The Temple (SF)
Fluxx Nightclub (SD)
Supper Club (SF)
Lanai (ATX)
The Ivy Nightclub (SD)
Smart Bar (CHI)
Elysium Nightclub (ATX)
Voyeur Nightclub (SD)
Beauty Bar
Loft718 (ATX)


Van’s Warped Tour
South By SouthWest (SXSW)
Metal Mayhem Fest
Uproar Festival
How Weird Fest
SoCal Music Fest
Insomniac/Identity Festival
Oakland Art Mur Mur

The Infusion Project’s mission is created around a profound love and passion for full self-expression, creativity and the creative process. Our work overflows beyond traditional artistic mediums and finds us collaborating creatively with all skill sets including Sales, Engineering, Administrative Work, Problem Solving, Woodwork, Social & Environmental Problem Solving, Metalwork, Marketing,

The Infusion Project has produced an incredible spectrum of events and worked with artists in cities all over the map including San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Austin, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Kansas City, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Mexico.