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The Infusion Project

Empowering artists to be artists for a living.

The Infusion Project supports artists of all levels and mediums through the everyday challenges of being a creative and business owner. Whether You need resources, coaching or creative development, The Infusion Project provides support through each step in your creative career. The project also provides platforms through which artists can find opportunities to collaborate with each other. Using a consulting and coaching approach, this family of creatives supports you in developing what you love into a practical, functional, business and art life.

Over the course of any artist’s life, change is the one constant. An artist’s vision grows as they themself grow; Evolution, metamorphosis and transformation are unavoidable happenings necessary to authentic expression. Today’s cultural and economic climate is such that making a living off one’s own expressions can be a constant struggle. This is overwhelmingly true for artists.

How do you cope?    How do you survive?    And most importantly, how do you thrive?

These questions are at the forefront of every artist’s mind. The Infusion Project's latest program, Artist Pathway, supports artists through the process of becoming an artist for a living. Developed through the individual experiences of top level artists in The Infusion Project, Artist Pathway takes the individual creative being through a guided, structured, “choose your own adventure” style consulting program. With a mentor, each artist works on all aspects of their creative life at a pace that fits their current circumstances.

Artist Pathway is comprised of 4 Phases. Each Phase covers a progressive variety of areas for the developing artist in any creative field.

Artist Pathway covers topics including:

  • Marketing/Online, Networking/Social Networking, Sales, Gig Booking;,
  • Business Bookkeeping, Taxes, Finance, Goal Setting, Scheduling;
  • Portfolio Development, Collaboration, Community, Sponsorship Development;
  • Publishing, Product Diversification, Distribution, Travel/Touring;

Whether you are a visual artist, musician, sculptor, DJ, photographer, filmmaker, animator, actor or other creative being, Artist Pathway will support you through the steps of developing your creative passion into a real thriving business. There is no better time than this moment to put your intention into practice. If your intention is to make a real living off your artistic expression, let The Infusion Project support you in achieving it.

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